Creating a life I don’t need a vacation from

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At my ‘night’ desk

Today was a bit like yesterday. Lots of wee things that took longer than anticipated.

I had to get a new password at our bank as couldn’t open our statements, that took a while then I had to download them, print them, check them and work out who still has to pay for the Ball, who needs a thank you letter, have all our bills been paid. I was also writing a list of items that need printed – it’s a long list now.  Could be costly!

I did however, manage to exceed my prize quota for the day – had set myself a modest goal to get 5 prizes today and in fact now have ten. Does that mean I can let myself off the hook tomorrow? Not likely. With 250 prizes to get in (and soon) there can be no let up in the asking nicely process. I am also still trying to figure out a way to get sponsors for all or part of events. Totally new process to me and I am determined to get at least one this year.

Time off is going to be tricky in the next few months – this is a massive undertaking – both the actual build and the fundraising for it, and it must be right. We are both adamant about that. I saw a perfect quote (I love my quotes) yesterday.

“Create a life you don’t need a vacation from”.

I like that. I think I have that.