Hello February!

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It’s really exciting to think that in less than three months we will ‘have the keys’ to the Retreat. Today has been a fairly typical day in running our charity – speaking to corporate supporters, dealing with Ripple Retreat tasks (arranging to meet people on site this week, landscaping funding and planning, pier and flooring issues were just a few of those tasks today), also arranging to see local supporters in Callander and Doune on Friday.  What else?  Oh yes, two events needed some attention and we sat down to discuss the Official Opening and how can we accommodate all those we want to invite, and working on the Open Days we plan straight after the Official Opening. (Current thinking is to have 3 hour sessions – 3 per day for at least two weeks – there are A LOT of people we want to invite to the Retreat.

I also sorted tops for our newest Young Ambassadors and we got a delivery of chinaware and cutlery for our `Retreat.

On a personal note, I am trying to increase my fitness – cancer, the treatments for cancer, the after effects of those treatments have made me quite poorly for 2 years and I really want to change that this year. So our day began with a 45 minute swim and I have also managed to do my 10,000 steps today.

However, it also was quite a challenging day. I love what I do 99% of the time but sometimes I think there must be something easier I could do!

It’s now 10pm and I’ve looked through photos which has helped, reminded me of the amazing people I have had the privilege to meet over past 11 years. People who have become friends, people who have known real stress and great loss. Photos from 2 years ago during my own treatment, reminding me of my immense good fortune to beat cancer. In other words, I’m back feeling grateful and privileged to be able to do this. I have a feeling that the next few weeks will bring more moments of stress but I’ll hold onto the thought of the bigger picture!

Two days, two blog posts – first!

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Sorry to miss yesterday’s post – my dad ended up in hospital in the middle of the night Monday night so yesterday didn’t quite go to plan!

However, I met up with two lovely ladies and great supporters of ours – Lesley who has Silver Experience jewellery and Darlene, from Charlie Miller – they are great sounding boards for me for some of my ideas. In addition to that, I managed to do a fair bit of admin – I have recently found Survey Monkey and it is great for getting information from different groups.

Today has been a mix of going through archive folders for information, filling in application forms, designing templates, checking on my parents, working on our art project and wondering how on earth I can keep up! Yes, I did have an hour or so of fretting about keeping up but fortunately a walk and chat with Ian sorted out some perspective and calm.

We have received more mobile phones to send off to raise funds, more lovely gifts for Ripple Retreat and more bottles for our Bottle Tombola. I haven’t share all teh information yet on our amazing art project but thanks to a man called Davey McLean we will have a photographic exhibition with just a few photos but very special photos. One is of David Bowie, one of Peter Capaldi and by the renowned photographer Rankin and one of Jamie and Andy Murray – watch this space for details coming soon. The Rankin photo arrived today and I arranged for that to join the others in secure storage.

As ever, one of my favourite tasks each day is to keep our social media channels up to date!  I aim to post every day on twitter, facebook and instagram.

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Not quite the end of a great week

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Pretty tired tonight so a wee short post!

Been an amazing week and successful too – today was the same. More prizes pledged, more donations made, new fundraisers, and a ton of filing. Boy, will I be glad when the filing is done.

Donald, our treasurer, came over for a finance visit and we had a visit from Paul’s parents, Ruth and Stephen. They had raised more money for us at Ruth’s workplace. I am going to pop over to see her colleagues next week to do a cheque presentation photo.

I got confirmation of prices for furniture for the main area of the Retreat and an oak toy box so that is all ordered now. We also fixed up our first visit of 2017 to the Retreat for next week – looking forward to seeing progress. Before you know it, it will be time to move in. I have been in touch with several businesses whose staff are going to help us for a day at a time. Need to make lots of lists of jobs to do.

We need to decide soon on cleaning for the Retreat so that was up for discussion today, I have a number of folk who want to visit the Retreat and need to be careful when to fit that in so we don’t disrupt work there. I have fixed up one photographer to come take pics of our guests at Blingo and the Ball but am on the lookout for another photographer to do photos throughout the events.

I have several items for sale raising funds for us and today was a great selling day – sold four items. Trouble was I found four more to sell! (Best not to stand still in this house.) One challenge for tomorrow is to pack up an umbrella with a proper handle and post it.

Over the weekend, as well as getting our swim in, I want Ian to video me doing a presentation for our trekkers to help them set up great fundraising pages, and to set up fundraising pages for our charity partners too. I have done it successfully for a few but will do it for them all to encourage fundraising this year.

So, there is plenty to do though I am very satisfied with a job well done this week.