Saturday networking

Occasionally  this fundraiser’s life is super tough. I mean, really.

Tonight wasn’t one of those occasions! I was invited to the Sheraton with Ian to a burns night with a twist. It was fabulous. Met some lovely folk and the food was spectacular. Chef Craig pulled out all the stops and we had a wonderful dinner. I even got to help cook one dish. Well, ok, I got to heat up the turnip and drizzle on the whisky sauce but I also got to use an air pump to pipe potatoes on the top! I even got a chefs hat as my reward. (It was fun.)

the team at the Sheraton have pledged a day to come help us at the Retreat in April which is kind and generous and I know they’re going to love it

the rest of our Saturday was uneventful ~ I got through a fair bit of admin and prepped for tomorrow’s Young Ambassadors workshop

I need my beauty sleep now though so I bid you goodnight.